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Hello Everybody! ^___^

If you have been looking for website during last months you probably found the website underconstruction.

Even it has been running from december, today I delight to introduce to all of you my new website:

It took me a while to build this new website together with my webmaster, photographer, adviser and wonderful friend Jessica Soto.

Photo by Jessica Soto


It was painful, very painful, to change the name of my website. But after talking and taking advice from several professional illustratrors and graphic designers, I follow their advice to use my name instead of a brand name.

It felt sad and it was difficult to change it because what the name Love Fighters means to me. I was at despair and in a very difficult situation, surrounded by problems in all the areas in my life when I decided, raising from the ashes of my soul, to turn the ying yang upside down. I got all that unbearable pain running through my veins and turn it into art. Art and love are the only things that can save our life. It help me a lot at that time. It gave strength, hope and meaning to my life. It resurrected me.

But now, luckily, I am in a veeery different situation. I made a path of decisions and actions that made my life truly happy. Things are wonderful and I enjoy every single day, every single moment. So, I had to let go the brand name, for good.

So, new name means new logo. It took me 5 months to create a perfect logo. Hundreds of papers with sketches and tests. Many logo ideas and designs. Crazy ones, lovely ones, funny ones… The last one I made was the perfect one. It turns to be a different version of the first one XD


I hope you guys like my new website. World, here I am!!! \(^o^)/

Photo by Jessica Soto



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