Needle felting

esther molina needle felted chicken

From a short time ago I noticed that craft shops in Japan are selling sets and tools to do needle felting. I have to say that the first thing I saw was a needle felting book with pictures of adroable fluffy creatures. I totally fell in love with them and I wanted to try to make some. The sales staff at one shop told me that it was very difficult to make them. So, because I was so busy at that time I didn’t make anything.

Recently these super cute felt animals, figures or accesories are everywhere and the ones for sale are not exactly cheap. So, I decided to squish my schedule and start to make them ^____^

Finally, I joined a needle felting class, which meets once a month, in Yokohama. The teacher is really good and she is a lovely person. She loves to make rabbits and cats, but she can make any animal we request. There are 3 ladies who are regular members of the class. One of them was making the last of a 3 owl family. Another was making a black cat and the other one started the body of a really cute standing brown bunny that looks like Peter Rabbit. It was very enjoyable to meet them.

Because it was my first attempt at felting I had to make a chicken. I am not especially a fan of chickens but for beginners it is a very good start. The teacher recommended that I cut the materials in half and make 2 chicks instead of a life size one. That way I could finish one during class time and practice at home making one more.

I started to follow the teacher’s instructions. I found them very easy, so I was thinking that the difficult part would start soon. But it didn’t!. I made the chicken very easily in a lot less time than I expected!. I was very surprised to find a super cute chicken in my hands after less than 2 hours of felting. I have to say that my teacher is a really good one, but also I found that felting is not difficult at all.

I pricked my finger once and it bled (and bled and bled XD…). It was a little bit painful, so I recommend that if you want to start needle felting, be careful with the needles. They are very sharp and also fragile. Use them carefully. I also think that is not a safe craft for young children. But I assure that felting is really satisfying and therapeutic (^___^)

I began my homework just after seeing a baby ducks picture on tumblr. It totally inspired me and made me create a baby duck instead of a chick.

I had some given merino wool roving at home (for needle felting we normally use merino wool). So I had the perfect colours to make a cute and fluffy duck. And I finished it in an hour or so. I was very very happy!!!

I am really excited to continue felting. I want to make realistic cats, dwarf hamsters, fliying squirrels… Keep online to see my progress!

I hope you will like my little friends and the postcard sets I am going to do with the pictures I take.

See you soon!,




esther molina needle felted chicken
My first creation with needle felt.


esther molina needle felting little duck
A little duck I just made
esther molina needle felt yellow duck
Another view of the duck



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