Moleskine notebooks

For some time I’m constantly finding doodles and illustrations, from famous (and not yet famous) artists, drawn in Moleskine notebooks.

The final result is really beautiful. Personally I love that material because I think it’s very intimate. When using a notebook it seems that we are creating illustrations just for ourselves, without any pressure or worries. In my case, sometimes it’s still a little difficult to give full freedom to my pencil without any rational instruction from my brain. This is why I thought that a Moleskine will help me to lose the fear of drawing.

So, I decided to buy a Moleskine to see what was truly inside me. The results were better than I expected. The fact that the notebook feels very special make it appealing to use and carrying it everywhere you go, regardless of it’s weight.

The weight of the paper and it’s quality helps to run the pencil over the page easily. I recommend drawing in a Moleskine to everyone, especially if you are suffering from a creativity block.

In my case, I bought a Sketch type Moleskine. The first drawing I made I painted it with very concentrated watercolors. It didn’t show through the page, so I drew something else on the back and I started to paint it also with watercolors. But in this case, the more diluted watercolor began to go through to my first drawing. I stopped immediately and I found myself forced to change to watercolor pencils. However, I had the same problem.

So, I have to say that watercolors are not a good choice for a Sketch Moleskine because they go through the paper if they are diluted normally.

Other things I notice that some artists may not like is that sometimes, when erasing the pencil strongly, the cream color of the pages fades away a little. And the most noticeable issue can be that when drawing across two pages you will always have a crease in the middle. But for me that is part of the beauty of drawing in a notebook.

Even with that problems, I am still like Moleskine so much.

I know that there are special Moleskine for watercolors, but I don’t like the size & format of these as much as the Sketch ones.

There are other companies that make the same type of notebooks with thicker paper that can support watercolors and inks. So, next time I’m going to try one of these. If somebody has any suggestions, please, let me know! ^__^ leave me a comment!




esther molina selfportrait flying free
Flying free © Esther Molina




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