Traveler’s Factory Station

Since I am blogging again I am only writing about Traveler’s Notebook, but they had a lot of very special events lately I can not miss!!!

Next April 27th Traveler’s Company will open their 3rd shop in Japan. Yeaaah!!! This one it will be at Tokyo station and the name of the shop is “Traveler’s Factory Station“.

Place : GRANSTA MARUNOUCHI in Tokyo Station
JR TOKYO STATION underground first floor, 1-9-1 Marunouchi Chiyoda-ku Tokyo
From Monday to Saturday: 10:00~20:00h
Sundays and Public days: 10:00~21:00h

Besides the Traveler’s Factory regular products, you can find some exclusive products for this shop, including a brown/camel (can we call it caramel?) leather cover with the golden image of the Traveler’s train. The refills inserts have a gorgeous illustration of the Tokyo Station building. Other stationery goods are a set of letterpress stickers, washi tape, charms, cottong bags…

The beautiful leather covers in regular size with the logo of the Traveler’s train. Includes that beautiful insert too.
Cotton bags, Tokyo station charm and coffee candies… lovely!!!
These letterpress stickers are amazing… So detailed and retro… perfect to decorate the covers of your inserts.
These roll stickers have the logo of antic Japanese trains. Some of these trains are retired but others still running! For sure, it is a very retro and adorable design that will bring lots of memories to many people and inspire new adventures to many others…
Adorable washi tape explaining in English parts of Japanese culture like sumo or soba… so funny!!!


I am extremely happy as I had being invited to the pre-opening party today. The shop is very cool. So beautiful, full of small details in every corner. It has a very special charming atmosphere, like other Traveler’s Company shops. But this one has a very special personality…

Don’t miss the tour I had filmed showing products and details from the shop:

Posted by Esther Molina on Tuesday, April 25, 2017

One of the most amazing parts: the wagon containers!!!

This was a real cargo wagon! It was adapted to become part of the store… so cool!
I love this shadow box with many Traveler’s Factory items…
The stamp corner is amazing… you can stamp them on your Traveler’s Notebook!!!
The shop have these exclusive stamps with the names of Japan prefectures. Each name has been design including some famous local things. I love Oita with the onsen mark!!!


Traveler's Factory Station

Posted by Esther Molina on Tuesday, April 25, 2017


TN Staaaamps!!!

Posted by Esther Molina on Tuesday, April 25, 2017


Again, thank you so much to Traveler’s Company team for all your work making us very, very happy!!! Thank you very much for letting me share this super special moment with all your team and bring it to all TN fans (^________^)

I hope you enjoy this post and stay tuned for more videos on the opening day on April 27th!!! ^________^

Moleskine notebooks

For some time I’m constantly finding doodles and illustrations, from famous (and not yet famous) artists, drawn in Moleskine notebooks.

The final result is really beautiful. Personally I love that material because I think it’s very intimate. When using a notebook it seems that we are creating illustrations just for ourselves, without any pressure or worries. In my case, sometimes it’s still a little difficult to give full freedom to my pencil without any rational instruction from my brain. This is why I thought that a Moleskine will help me to lose the fear of drawing.

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