DIY: Tiny, cheap and high quality watercolours set

Hello everybody! How are you? ^_____^

I can’t wait to share with all of you my DIY tiny, cheap and high quality watercolours set that I made. I was looking for something very small, to be able to carry it everywhere, everyday. I found some sets, super tiny, but quite expensive. So, I decided to give it a thought and I came out with an idea that I hope it can help many of you. So, let’s get started! (^______^) Yeaaah!

1. First, I look for a container the size I wanted. I though that a box of mints or something like that will have the perfect size. In Japan, candy packaging has a style that did not help me this time, so I went to the 100 yen store and I bought this tin.

The box measures 10*6*1.2cm



I will use the lid as a palette ^____^

2. I needed containers for each color. I love tube watercolours and I already had them at home, so I looked for a type of container that could hold them. I found that the top part of the “buttons for cover” were perfect. They sell them in several sizes, so I got the most convenient for me.

Be sure you buy stainless steel buttons or other materials that will not get rusty.


We only need the top part of the buttons, so I separated them.

3. I glued the tops of the buttons to the tin. I recommend to use SuperGlue.



4. I wait for the glue to dry and then I filled the little containers with tube watercolours. I love Holbein watercolours ^___^


5. I got a waterbrush from Kuretake. It is a brush that contains water on it’s body, so you can carry water with you easily. There are different brands and types. I found this wonderful post about waterbrushes that can help you decide which is better for you.


And that’s all, once the watercolours are completely dried, you are ready to go and have fun with your portable set everywhere, anytime!!! ^_____^

Photo by Jessica Soto.

I hope this idea will be helpful. Please, feel free to ask me anything ^________^. See you soon!!!



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