The Superior Labor

Have you experienced love at first sight? That is what happend to me when I discover The Superior Labor, a brand of handmade in Japan leather and canvas goods.

The simplicity of their design, the high quality of their products and the love with which they are made speaks straight to your heart.

I will talk some more about this company soon, but for now, let me show you some photos I took in their special exhibition event in Tokyo, at the Design Festa Gallery in Harajuku, from April 3rd to 5th.

I love leather products because the warm feeling they give me and the long durability they have. TSL has a big selection of wallets and coin purses that can be customizable.
I am looking for a wallet from few months ago, as mine is broken and I need a new one. I love this one in natural color…
The quality of their stitching is amazing. If you are a lover of well done goods, this exhibition was a paradise…
They also make several stationery products, as card cases, pencases, schedule books covers, notebook covers…
Some of my friends have these gorgeous pen rolls. This product became popular in many countries, not just in Japan. The leather they used to make them it feels very special, sturdy but soft. Those penrolls hold lots of items and look amazing both rolled and open.
I saw this product for the first time in this exhibition… Oh my… I TRULY fell in in love with it… It offers a huge world of use posibilities. I will probably keep a Traveler’s Notebook insert inside and use it as a notebook-wallet. It has a L zipper pocket, a loop for a pen and several pockets for cards, passport, tickets, bills… How cool it will be to travel with this!!!
NEW BAG DESIGN!!! It is the vertical version of their super popular Paint Small Shoulder Bag. It also includes a front pocket. Really well done, guys!!!
Lunch boxes bags on the left and big canvas and leather bags on the right. The canvas fabric they use is really strong and beautiful, I love how smart it looks combined with leather…
They just made new pencases. They will be released in September. I love how simple and well done they are. They are customizables and you can choose the color of the paint. I order one in dark green (^____^) It will look amazing with my Traveler’s Notebook!!!
Those bags on the front are made of canvas and are perfect to be use as a bag in bag. Recently they made a special collaboration with Traveler’s Notebook and I got one in blue to carry my ipad. The bags on the back are made of suede!!! They have an amazing touch…
They make lots of camping goods too! I didn’t know! Lots of specific bags and utensils that makes your camping organization easy and tidy.
This bear just has born! It has a zipper on the back to keep all together the bags of your tent’s clips, nails, etc. Isn’t it adorable?
So many special edition bags using some William Morris fabrics. So precious!!!
The exhibition atmosphere was very cool… I wish I could had stay longer, but I had to go to work, so I just spend there a little time. Hope to see you again soon!

If you had missed their exhibition in Harajuku, you can still be able to go to their event at Kitamura Photo shop Daikanyama Tsutaya during this week. They have several camera bags and straps, plus other goods that you can buy on the spot. Also, don’t miss their film photo exhibition “All you need is love”, with the collaboration of the members of the Hachigahana Photograph Club. Enjoy!!!

Those camera bags are so gorgeous, many different sizes and designs, I love them!!!
Lens bags, sooo pretty!!!
Gorgeous camera straps with William Morris fabrics.
They also had simple and thin straps for small cameras. I love the burgundy one!


These strong leather straps are so beautiful! And I also love the brass clip board!
Strong and thick bags for your camera accesories (or any other thing you want to carry there).


Totally in love with this brass ruler… In the past I accidentally destroyed some plastic rulers while using a cutter, so, I learned the lesson and now I only use metalic rulers with cutters…..
They have so many available leather stationery items that you can buy on the spot. Usually, this company products are order made, so, now there is no waiting time if you want some of these tools!!!


A regular pencil will look so gorgeous in these leather pen cover…
Those pouches are so cool you can’t miss them. I couldn’t resist and I got one on the small size to use as purse when traveling light.

I hope you liked this post, I will keep talking about this company soon again, as it became one of my favourites. Don’t miss their exhibition if you are in Tokyo until April 15th!

Have a nice day!