Open call for Doodlers Anonymous Coloring Book Vol. 2

doodlers anonymous round logo

Do you know Doodlers Anonymous? It is an association of doodlers addicts. I am one of them!

As they say about themselves: “Doodlers Anonymous was founded to celebrate our addiction, and like any other, we’re hooked. The need to draw, sketch, and doodle is constant. We doodle on almost anything we can find — pencil in a moleskine, marker on a napkin, ink on a torn receipt, sharpie on concrete. And we do it habitually — while on hold, in a meeting, during class, or while we should be sleeping. This is a permanent home for spontaneous art. There’s a blog, interviews, themed-submissions and a lot of amusing thoughts on paper.”

On Jan. 31st. Doodlers Anonymous closed their Open Call for their Coloring Book Vol. 2. They put together a coloring book that is not only for children. Adults can also enjoy coloring the 29 drawings provided by different artists. Some of them famous, some of them not yet.

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